What Can Be Done to Fix a Distorted Labia? (photo)

I recently (2.15.13) had a limited medial thigh lift and my vagina looks frightening and sunkened from the outside. I have no mons and the labia is half its orginal size. Doc siad to wait for the swelling to subside, but now everytime I've mentioned it he starts talking about doing the thigh lift again in 1-2 years. Is that the only way to repair it? Can it even be repair? If so, how and how much? I didn't take any before pictures of my vagina for comparision purposes--didn't think I'd need to.

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Labia Surgery

You look like you are very fresh post op (within a few days or so).  It is normal at this point to have swelling which can distort the appearance of your labia.  You will be quite surprised how nice you look in several weeks to months as the swelling resolves.  So, my advice at this point, is not to worry and allow the healing process from your surgery to run its course.  If you have specific questions or concerns, you should also address them to your surgeon at your post op visit.


Good Luck.

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Complications are always more difficult to deal with.... Best to avoid them.

It is so important to have a good relationship with your surgeon before the procedure. You need to trust the surgeon enough to weather the storm of a poor result or complication. Even the best surgeons can get complications and sometimes the result is not as good as was expected.

If you seek another surgeon's opinion you need to get the operative note to see how this procedure  was planned and the reason for the poor result. There are always options. Asking for a second opinion does not have to be adversarial. I would personally prefer to get a letter or call from a surgeon describing his thought process when a patient consults me about any revision. It avoids surprises and allows a more informed plan.

Medial thigh lift is an operation that has a significant complication rate. When I do this procedure I usually try to anchor the deep fascia or connective layer to the strong ligamentous structures thus preventing traction on the upper structures. I often do not close the skin completely because it falls in a crease and heals very quickly. There are many variations.Your surgeon knows best what was done.  


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