Do Fillers Will Work on These Scars? (photo)

Hello, I have been victim of acne scars from 6-7 years. right now my age is 26 and i tried laser treatment twice and dermaroller once without any noticeable result. yesterday i came to know that fillers can hide rolling scars or depressed scars but my question is would it hide completely or it will just improve a little bit.. because i been asking to pay $1200 for this treatment in india.. so i just dont want to pay $1200 for a little improvement. I know fillers are temporary. plz see the pics

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The options you have for your acne scars are Laser treatment, as Profractional laser or even a mini face lift to stretch out the skin and get rid of the scars. Fillers are not long lasting results. You should look into laser. Good luck


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Acne Scarring

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Unfortunately, you have that thick "sebaceous" type skin and your acne scarring is fairly significant.  I assume the laser treatments you had were Fraxel.  Ablative fractional laser will get you results somewhat faster but with more down time.  The dermaroller was not going to be effective for your skin.  Two Fraxel laser treatments are also not going to be enough - you may need 5 or 6 to get a noticeable improvement.  Additional improvement could be had with fillers, subscision and perhaps a CROSS chemical peel.  I think you can achieve a noticeable improvement in the scarring, but it is likely going to take a combination approach over a period of a year or so to get the results you're looking for.  Unfortunately, you're not going to find one "quick fix" here, in India or anywhere else.  Good luck in your quest.

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