Long term use of doxycycline?

I have Hydrodinitis Suprativa. I have always understood that there is no cure for this. Does this mean I have to stay on doxycycline indefinitely? If so, is that safe?

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Is long term Doxycycline safe?

Hidradenitis is frequently a life long condition and there are many ways that it is treated including with topical antibiotics/anti-bacterials, oral antibiotics (like doxycycline), and even biologic therapies (like Humira).  I generally use the treatment that gives the best results in the least invasive way.  There are many people that have been on doxycycline for decades for conditions like yours and even rosacea.  There is no evidence that it is bad for you taken for long periods of time.  Find a provider that you trust and discuss it with them.  Good luck.

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