Facial Skin Bumps Are Scars? Or Something Else? (photo)

I had mild acne when I was young. I had a microdermabrasion done 4 years ago (no acne on face) and it was pretty aggressive but not to the point of blood or anything. I was wondering if this skin texture is due to the diamond dermabrasion Procedure scratching my skin or are they acne scars from years of acne? Also, my most important question is how can I even out this skin tone? I do have a dark skin tone so lets keep hyper pigmentation in mind. Would a strong Retin A help? Thanks in advance!

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Scarring from dermabrasion

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Even an aggressive microdermabrasion will not cause scarring of your type.  To create scarring we'd have to get into the mid to deep dermis, and that would mean bleeding.  What happens as we age, is some of our skin's substructure is lost, and scars that weren't apparent become more visible.  The least aggressive treatment that would make a difference is Retin A. It doesn't have to be strong Retin A, it just has to be used consistently.  Good luck!

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