6" Knife Scar on Face - What Can Help?

I Have a Facial Scar from a Knife. 6" Left Side of Face. What Can Help?

Edit: Photo updated

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Scar revision for a deep scar on the face

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Deep scars on the face will require a combination of subcision and surgical revision of scars.  Although scar revision is often difficult, this combination, alongside Melaquin cream, will make the scar less apparent.

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Scar revision

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The photo you posted shows a circular scar with an out pouching of the skin within the circle. The is a property of circular scars. The treatment is to break up the scar with z-plasties and partially defat the skin within the cricular.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Excisional Scar Revision May Be Beneficial For Facial Scar From A Knife Wound

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Your picture does not show the scar that well so it is hard to appreciate the scar's features. That being said, it is highly likely that some form of excisional scar revision will be beneficial. A facial scar from a knife suggests that is a long and fairly straight scar where its width and straight line characteristics is what makes it the most noticeable. I would suggest that you get some better pictures to show so that a more definitive determination can be made on he possible benefits of facial scar revision.

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