Eyebrow Furrow Line or Scar? (photo)

Hello,Everyone. I have had this mark that looks like a scar or furrow line on my eyebrows long as I can remember but one side of it, is very pronounced. I was wondering if anyone could tell if this is a scar or furrow line so that I go and get the proper medical care for it.Thanks so much for your advice.

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Glabellar lines

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It appears you are referring to a line that is being made by contraction of the glabellar muscules. This is a group of muscles that resides between and above the brows. When the muscle contracts, for instance when you frown, it can cause a wrinkle or furrow. By preventing contraction of this muscle group, Botox would work beautifully to reduce the appearace of this line.

Houston Dermatologic Surgeon

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