Excess Scar Tissue From Lip Injury: What Are my Options?

About 8 years ago I was in an accident that resulted in my top lip being split in half. I immediatley went to the hospital and received 16 stitches on the inside and outside of my top lip. I am considering seeing a plastic surgeon. I am curious as to what can be done to diminish the scar if anything can be done at all.

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Lip scar revision

If you are unhappy with the healing of your lip scar, you should see a board certified plastic surgeon in consultation to explore your options.  Scar revision is more complex if the laceration crossed the vermillion border from the pink to the white area of the lip.  If the laceration and repair left the lip asymmetrical, then fillers could be explored as well.

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Lip scar treatment options

Thank you for your question. In order to comment on possible treatments, your lip would have to be examined. By 8 years after your injury, the scar is mature and unlikely to change significantly on its own. Whether your scar involved the white or red portion of the lip would influence your options. In some cases, a scar revision can improve the apperance of the scar. In other cases, dermbrasion of the white lip can help. Other options are available depending on the specifics of your scar. I would recommend a consultaton with a facial plastic surgeon to better understand your options. Good luck.

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Lip Scar Revision

Very tough question to answer without seeing you and the scar.  Seeing a plastic surgeon is a great idea.  Possibilities include,excising the scar and revising it surgically, dermabrasion, injections, and possibly laser. 

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Scar revision of the lip for excess scar tissue and bumpiness

We see excess scar tissue from a lip injury often and these tissue areas can be excised and revised to improve quality of life and the cosmetic appearance.

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