How to Eliminate Extended Wrinkles from Laugh Lines?

I currently have little lines that which extend horrizontally from my laugh lines (all though some extend in same direction). Which procedures or fillers would work best in this situation?

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CO2 laser resurfacing or dermal fillers can be used to treat this condition

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Depending on the depth of the lines, one or the other or sometimes both can be used to address this condition. Your physician should be able to give your options that best fits your skin type and goals.

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Austin Dermatologist

CO2 Laser can treat lines

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If the lines are indeed fine, you may be well treated with the CO2 laser. The laser is a temporary fix, but all fixes are. This is a good time of year to consider the laser as it will sensitize you to the sun and you should be less red by the time spring gets here.

Robert Frank, MD
Munster Plastic Surgeon
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Injection into horizontal laugh lines

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These are difficult to manage due to the repeated smiling. Fillers such as Prevelle silk or other hyaluronic fillers introduced superficially may have some benefit but caution and avoiding excessive injection in this area is advised to avoid excessive fullness.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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