Is Elidel Safe? How Should I Use It For Eczema Under Eyes?

Hello, I have mild eczema under my right eye, and my doctor has prescribed Elidel. After doing some reading, I found a lot of information about Elidel potentially causing cancer. Can anyone shed any light on that? Also, how is Elidel best used for Eczema? Once it flares up I apply until it is gone, and once gone should I continue for a few days? If that's how I am using it, is there much risk for cancer? Thanks!

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Yes, Elidel is Safe for small, limited areas of Eczema

Yes, Elidel is safe when used sparingly once to twice per day to focal, small areas such as under your right eye for 2-4 weeks at a time when your eczema is flaring.  It is not my first choice, as I find that it is not that helpful.

I prefer a low potency corticosteroid ointment 2x / day until for up to 2 weeks.  And thereafter, a good mositurizer, like Vanicream daily or twice daily as prevention.  Good luck.

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