What kind of anesthesia do they use in the Dominican Republic?

Also I hear in the DR they give you a blue pill before surgery. Do US doctors give this blue pill before surgery also?

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The blue pill is Midazolam (Dormicum®) and is a short acting benzodiazepine to rid you of preop stress and anxiety, so you go more relaxed and the process of administering the anesthesia is more comfortable and less stressing for you. The type of anesthesia varies according to procedure and guidelines of the center and your doctor's preferences. I, and most doctors in DR, use an epidural block for most procedures, it consists of a catheter in your spine that gives you a regional block of the area being worked on, this goes for basically all procedures done from the ches down like breas surgery, tummy tucks, lips, brazillian butt lifts, gluteal and calf implants. For facelift, eye surgery, and nose surgery I would usually prefer local anesthesia with sedation, meaning you will be asleep during the procedure, but I have to use local anesthesia because your sleep state is too superficial, that way we can remain in a safe zone. I hope I answered your question, good luck with your surgery!

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What kind of anesthesia do they use in the Dominican Republic?

The “blue pill” is Dormicum. We use it for relax patients before going into surgery. Is not for anesthesia. 
The type of anesthesia depends on the procedure to follow.
Contact a Certified Plastic surgeon and according to your profile and the future intervention will guide you about this fact.

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It's really hard to know what the "blue pill" is as there are many pills that are different colors depending on brand etc... In America we usually give medication to prevent nausea and if you are very nervous we can also add mediation to calm your nerves.  Best of luck!

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