How Do I Check out a Doctor with No Before and After Photos?

I'm considering having the laser peel done but the doctor doesn't have before and after pictures. he said because our town is so small people don't want to show their pictures before having this done. 

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Before and after photos

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As stated by the other physicians, there are multiple reasons why physicians may not have posted photos. I would seek referrals through conventional methods and go in for a consultation. Most physicians have a photobook or photos available for review.

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How do I check out a doctor with no before and after photos?

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I agree with both Drs. Wallach and Rand.

It really depends on your town / city and the amount of anonymity in it. Despite being a much smaller town than Memphis, there are more Plastic Surgeons in a well known office building in Beverly Hills than in all of Memphis. Moreover, our patients are much more private in the South and many would object to having their before/after left in our waiting room or worse.

So, while we all have patients who would love nothing more to tell and show everyone your work, we all have patients who are very private and who do not want their pictures shown to others much less posted on the Internet. Obviously, this is more applicable with whole face photographs than body pictures. I would be more uncomfortable if he / she did not have any breast or body shots.

I would make sure the doctor has the right training, proper certification and that you spoke to at least two of his former patients.

Peter A Aldea, MD

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Patient pre and post photos

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In your small town this might be reasonable. Otherwise, plastic surgery is such a visual art that I can't imagine going to a doctor who didn't show me a significant body of his or her work including some patients that somehow resemble my situation indicating that they do a high volume of work. Without this, how can you even guess how good the surgeon is and whether their taste reflects what you hope for?

So, I consider lack of photos a relative warning sign.

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I personally don't post too many patient photos. This is...

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I personally don't post too many patient photos. This is mainly for privacy reasons. I ask each and every patient for permission to use their photos.  Ask around to friends that have used this doctor, or ask the office for patients to contact you that have been treated by the doctor.

Steven Wallach, MD
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