Dermabrasion After Fractional Laser for Acne Scars?

Can Dermabrasion help improve my acne scars more after a Fractional laser treatment? I had cystic acne before, so I was under Roaccutane afterwhich, TCA peels were done since Dermabrasion and the like were contradictory. After a number of years, skin needling was done, which softened the little tiny elevated scars and made the depressed scars less deep. Now I just had my third Fractional laser resurfacing done. So far, the scars look like they almost blend with my skin but with borders. My question is, would a Dermabrasion help to smoothen or blend these shallow scars after Fractional laser resurfacing?

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Dermabrasion for acne

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You need a careful evaluation. Dermabrasion or an ablative laser like CO2 or Erbium may be used top lane down the "hills" to match the flat areas. This can be combined with fillers or even fat injections to improve the acne scars. But, this should be reviewed by you and your treating physician.

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