Depressed Scar On Forehead Since I Was Two. Scar Revision Did Not Work? (photo)

I have had depressed scar on my forehead since i was 2 years old,i fell down and got cut by glass, surgeon put some stitches that are so obvious, now i am 21 i had some laser treatments performed, 6 month ago i had a scar revision, but didn't seem to show any improvement in scar, please advice what is a best treatment to improve it?!! i am looking for long term results, i live in Orange County,CA please advice with a best doctors that specializes in scar removals in my area as well, thank you!

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Scar revision for forehead scars includes laser and subcision and chemical peels

Forehead scars can be improved with a combination of subcision and fractional skin resurfacing laser.  These two treatments, followed by light MelaPeels can improve your scar.

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Scar Removal Options

Hello.  The scar you have appears to be a candidate for ablative laser resurfacing.  Ablative laser resurfacing disrupts the surface of the skin (removes part or all of it) and when the skin heals, the scar can improve.  With hat said, there are many different types of lasers available and the number and type of laser can affect your results.  We would use Erbium laser resurfacing for you.

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