Depressed Bacne scars, Permanent Filler Effective?

20 years ago I had a serie of microdroplet silicone injections in my facial depressed acne scars with wonderful permanent results. Lately I have decided to have something done for my many depressed acne scars on my back which really makes it uncomfortable for me to hit the beach. Would the technique produce the same results on my back? If not, why? And can you please then suggest another technique? Thank you for your help/Anders in Sweden

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Treating Depressed Acne Scars on the Back

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Silicone is a great way to correct depressed acne scars on the back. You can expect to have excellent results just like you did on the face years ago. We inject silicone for all types of acne and non-acne scarring on all parts of the body with excellent results. 

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