Can Fillers Work Well for Dark Under Eye Circles?

I have very dark under eye circles. Can filler for the eyes be good for me?

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Multiple options exist to fix dark eye circles

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Dark circles around the eyes have more then one cause, and hence, multiple treatments.

Bleaching creams would be the first line, it could help in select cases.

Hyperpigmentation due to veins etc., laser or IPL could help with sun spots and veins.

True anatomical shadow effect: fillers or surgical correction is the best way to improve this condition.

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Fillers could offer help for dark eye circles

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Fillers under the eyes may lessen the appearance of your dark circles especially if they are due to fullness of the lower eyelid fat deposits and dwscent of the malar fat pad.

Filling in the deficient and depressed areas along the nasojugal fold and infra-orbital rim may produce a softened appearance to the dark circles.

In any case, seek the services of an experienced injector.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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