I Have Dark Circles Around my Eyes, but my Tear Ducks Are of Normal Color?

Hello Well, I have dark circles around my eyes. Its either caused by hyperpigmentation or its caused by borken capiliaries because when i pull my undereye skin down, i can see veins and my under eye skin looks red but when i stop streching it go back to being dark brown in color. But the weird thing is that inner coner of the tear duck has normal skin colour. As in it has no discolouration. This is present in both eyes. What can i do to treat this?

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Fillers under eyes may lessen appearance of dark circles.

Fillers under the eyes may lessen the appearance of your dark circles especially if they are due to fullness of the lower eyelid fat deposits and descent of the malar fat pad.

Filling in the deficient and depressed areas along the nasojugal fold and infra-orbital rim may produce a softened appearance to the dark circles.

In any case, seek the services of an experienced injector.

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