Cranioplastic PLUS Oculoplastic Surgery?

What kind of surgeon specializes in BOTH the brow bone/orbital rim as well as the actual eyes & eyelids? My understanding is that cranioplastic surgeons work with the brow bone area & oculoplastic surgeons with the eyes? I'm a girl in my 20s and my problems are the following: (1)I have heavy brow bones which appear to make my face look a little masculine.(2)I have slightly bulging eyes.(3)One eye appears to be very noticeably higher than the other due to the inner corners being assymetrical.

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Craniofacial surgeons in FL

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Dear Cindy,

I'd recommend you see Dr. Tony Wolfe in Miami as he is an excellent craniofacial surgeon and also an excellent aesthetic surgeon.

Craniofaical Surgery

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I agree that you should see a craniofacial surgeon.  There are minor tweaks that any plastic surgery can perform, but what you describe would be more int he craniofacial realm.   Good luck.

Cranioplastic (craniofacial) surgeon versus oculoplastic

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In general, this complex procedure is more commonly performed by a craniofacial surgeon first. Subtle corrections of the eyelids are treated at a later date.

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