Paying for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Fees

When having cosmetic surgery, I know the surgeons fees have to be paid in FULL before surgery, but can the facility fees and anesthesia be paid by monthly payments?

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Cosmetic Surgery Fees

Cosmetic Surgery Fees like all discretionary spending (IE Movies, Airlines, Cruises cars) are pre-paid either by the patient or by a credit card, bank or finance company. Most Plastic surgeons work with and can direct you to finance companies that can help you achieve your goals.

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All fees for your surgery will need to be paid in advance, but many financing options exist

Hi there-

Typically you will need to have all fees for your surgery taken care of in advance of your surgery date.

The many excellent financing options that are now available may appeal to you, however. Many of these programs allow payment over time, with low interest rates (some even offer "same as cash" programs).

Ask your chosen surgeon which programs he/she works with and offers. 

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Payment for cosmetic surgery

Most likely you will be required to pay all fees up front.  If you don't have this money, you should either save up, or investigate financing options.

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Payment options for cosmetic surgery

All fees need to be paid up front for surgery, facility and anesthesia. You can establish payment plans through using credit cards or Care Credit so you don't have one lump sum outlay.

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Fees for plastic surgery

Each situation and each surgeon and facility is different. There is not standard although most elective cosmetic surgery is paid in full prior to surgery, some doctors and facilities have payment plans or use credit programs.

Some surgeons combine all the fees into one and others will break it down and present you with three different fees and invoices. Speak to your surgeon and see what you can work out.

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Payment options for surgical center and anesthesia

Most facilities when considering elective surgery require payment in full prior to surgery. However, many are becoming increasingly aware of options such as care credit. You should contact each surgicenter facility individually to discuss their payment optionss.

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