Cosmetic Surgery for Asymmetric Facial Features

I've always noticed an off balance of my left eye and nostril. It is very evident in photos, especially when I smile, the left eye looks much smaller and as the eyes closes and extends in the smile the left squints up tightly. As I get older these features become more noticeable. I realize that there are a lot of people with asymmetric features but how can I know if it's a natural trait or one from birth? More importantly does one case make corrective surgery easier than the other?

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Facial asymmetry: analysis, cause, etiology and treatment

The face is a complex structure that at its very simplest can be broken down by skin, fat, muscle, and bone. Determining the best procedure requires an analysis of all four of these components some of which can be corrected and others cannot. Some are due to congenital causes while others are acquired. Seek the advice of one or more medical professional to help you determine the causes and solutions of your problem.

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