Does Combining Skincare Products Together Decrease Effectiveness?

Does combining Obaji products together decrease their effectiveness? For traveling convenience, I combined the AM products (Clear, Exoderm, and Vit C serum) and the PM products (Retin A, Blender, and Clear) into two small bottles. I asked my aesthetician, but she didn't know.

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It would be best to ask the physician, hopefully a dermatologist, for whom the aesthetician is employed. He or she should know the vagaries of the products they sell best. Further, they would have access to the resources Obaji has to offer. It certainly helps to have a list of ingredients for the products you name.

However, my two cents is as follows. Vitamin C is an unstable molecule which depends on its pH being around 4 for activity. Similarly the Retin A molecule is delicate. It took years, for instance, before the chemists were able to produce stable compounds with Retin A. To throw either of these two with others, to me, seems ill-advised.

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