Weight loss medication - I am curious about trying weight loss medication to help with reducing my size.

I am 5' 1 and 183. I would like to lose 40 to 50 pounds. I would like to use medication in conjunction with exercise. Is there any doctor in the Cleveland OH area, I could meet up with to discuss my options. Currently I believe I have inverse psoriasis on my chest that makes working out painful at time. Also I don't have a good support system at home, so I am on my own and could use any additional aid possible.
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Hi, please go to below website and find qualified weight loss doctors.  it is link to American Board Of Obesity Medicine.
there are multiple medications . In past it is mainly adipex. now lot more options are available  including qsymia, belviq, contrave, and we also use lot of  not weight loss medications depending up on any medical condition that may co exist with over weight. 

you need to see a local weight loss specialist whom you can find in your area by following the link.

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