I'm 52 and I Have Deep Smile Lines, What is the Best Treatment on a Small Budget? (photo)

I have to talk to customers all day long and they are always looking at my laugh lines first. I look so different than other people what can I do? I'm on a small budget what kind of treatment would be best for me and my pretty face?

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Smile Lines Treatment

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Hi Kim.  Not sure what your budget is, but we would most suggest a dermal filler like Perlane or Radiesse in your situation.  You would need at least 2 cc's and more likely 3, which would range between $1000 - $1200 at our practice.  Not sure if this is affordable for you, but the issue is volume loss and this is the easiest and cheapest way we would have to address that.

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There is filler that can be filled into your nasal labial fold to help. You can do restalyne, juverderm and even sculptra. It all depends to what doctor you go to every doctor has their own idea.


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