Chemical Peel for a Beginner? (photo)

I have got some acne marks on my cheeks but not too severe and I often get one now and then. I want to go for chemical peel but I dont want to shell out big bucks. Can you please help me with the type of chemical peel I should go for and the concentration level of the peels. I also suffer from blackheads and can you suggest me for this also.

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Chemical Peel for Beginner

The option of a chemical peel for acne related scarring is good but you should start off with the simpler less expensive solutions first. Regular skin care with using sunscreen every morning and using Vitamin C cream or Vitamin A cream like Retin-A are a good start. If you take Vitamin A cream make sure to discountinue it if you get pregnant.

You can get mild facials at a spa which is almost like a mild peel. If you want to do it even cheaper then go to a beauty store and get Clarisonic brush for home use.

Remember, sun protection is a MUST.


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Chemical peels for acne

You can start out with superficial chemical peels. You might have to do this many times before you start seeing some improvement. Jessner's, Glycolic peels, and superficial TCA peels less than 20% will be good to start with.

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Chemical peels for acne scars and blackheads

Because of your skin type, you should avoid medium to deep peels which could leave you with brown pigmentation. 

You could start with a 35% glycolic acid peel which removes dead surface skin cells and stimulates a little bit of collagen and the strength can be increased with the next peel if tolerated. You would require a series of at least 5 glycolic acid peels to see some results for your scarring.

A 20% salicylic acid peel would help your blackheads.

SilkPeel microdermabrasion with infusion of a salicylic acid serum helps stimulate some collagen and treats blackheads and would be a good choice.   

Another option would be treatment with a non-ablative fractional laser which gives much better results for scarring. 

You must avoid the sun after any of these treatments.  You should seek the advice of a dermatologist to see which of these treatments would be best for you.

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A Vipeel is a great Peel. The vipeel helps with acne scars and mild acne. It cleans your pores it's a great way too start.

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