Best way to reduce scar visibility?

35 y/o Indian female. Red, c shaped Stitches scar under eye from 30 yrs ago. have had 3 vbeam trtments to reduce redness & it has helped some but still noticible. My derm suggested Hydroquinone 4% to see if it reduces redness which will in turn reduce visibility of scar. He does not think any more Vbeam treatments will help. have seen a plastic surgeon abt scar revision & he agreed to do it then changed his mind & said he would rather not. best option to reduce visibility of this scar??

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Plato's Scar Serum and PDL for a red scar

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A combination of Plato's Scar Serum, pulsed dye laser, and fractional co2 laser can help improve the scars on your face. PDL is ideal for red scars. 

DR. Karamanoukian 
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