Can Arnica Cream be Used for Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Does Arnica cream work on dark circles? Will it get rid of dark undereye circles?

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Arnica is ineffective for dark circles under the eyes

Arnica montana is a part of the homeopathic formulary, which has been popularized in cosmetic surgery. It can be purchased from health food stores either in pellet or cream form. Some physicians recommend Arnica cream after eyelid lifts, however I prefer Auriderm cream, which is a Vitamin K derivative. After surgery, bruising can contribute to the appearance of "dark circles" so these creams are somewhat useful.

On the other hand, dark circles under the eyes are a consequence of thin skin, through which the underlying veins and bone can be appreciated. To my knowledge, topical creams do not improve the thickness and texture of this skin sufficiently, to eliminate dark circles. The only alternatives are either microdroplet technique Hyaluronic acid (Prevelle Silk works quite well) or blepharoplasty (lower eyelid lift) with arcus marginalis release and fat conservation.

Don't believe all marketing hype. Good luck.

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