What is the most effective laser to remove hyperpigmentation on dark skin?

I had a burn scar and im desperate to get it treated my skin type is fitzpatrick iv

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Spectra Laser - Q switch mode

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If you are type IV, I am going to assume might be Asian.    To take off hyperpigmentation or melasma,  we use Spectra laser.   Developed in S. Korea designed to safely treat Type IV Asian women. 

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Topicals or laser for hyperpigmented skin?

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Before you spend thousands on laser, consider the use of topicals that are hydroquinone and non-hydroquinone based to help relieve hyperpigmented skin: Scleroquin plus and Sclerovase. 

Scler-X is also a post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation relief complex that can be taken orally.

See link below. 

Burn scar, hyperpigmentation and skin type 4

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Lasers, as you know, have been traditionally reserved for skin types 1-3 due to concerns over hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation.  Fractionated lasers will help scars to flatten and heal but will not change the color of the scar.  Halo by Sciton laser is safe to treat all skin types, 1-6, and will address hyperpigmentation and  redness.  It will not address hypopigmentation.  You will need to be pre-treated and post-treated with hydroquinone for pigmentation safety.  Early treatment of burn scars can be beneficial so I hope you are able to see a Halo provider also experienced with ProFractional to give you the best possible outcome.  It is essential that you wear a good physical sunblock with zinc oxide or titanium as soon as the burn is healed over to prevent further pigmentation. Good luck to you.  Shelby Bentz MD

Shelby Bentz, MD
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