Bulging, Puffy Eyes - What's the Cause?

When I was born, I was born with weird puffy eyes above my eyelids. They are big and really buldge out. I lack self confidence, and I look ugly with it. What's wrong with me? No one has ever seen my condition.

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Treatment of congenitally puffy eyes

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First, it is important to make sure a medical condition such as thyroid disease is not causing the puffy eye condition.

If it is present congenitally, very often puffy eyes result from a bulgy eyeball (prominent globe), often accompanied by a flatness of the cheekbones that conspire to cause the fat bulges around the eye to be very prominent.

Correction of this condition may involve reduction or repositioning of the fat around the eye, a cheeklift or canthal reconstructive procedure, and augmentation of the cheek area.

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Bulging, puffy eyes

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Without a photo very hard to answer. It could be genetic, congenital, endocrinal issues. Please consult with a boarded plastic surgeon in your area.

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Causes of bulging eyes can vary-

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Hi there-

I would recommend a careful evaluation by a well trained eye doctor and a plastic surgeon.

Before you arrange this, I would also recommend you visit your family doctor for an endocrine evaluation, as one of the more common causes of this problem would be thyroid dysfunction.

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Possible causes of bulging, puffy eyes

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Bulging, puffy eyes can be caused by a variety of reasons and are best evaluated by an oculoplastic surgeon.  Thyroid disease needs to be ruled out.  The puffiness around the eyes can be caused from retro orbital fat that becomes herniated and pooches outward.  This creates an unsightly bulge that is remedied through cosmetic blepharoplasty.  Occasionally, a high hypertrophy of the lacrimal gland in the outer upward eyelid can cause a bulging in that area.  If it is a glandular problem, this can be addressed through suspension of the gland.  It is impossible to say exactly what your condition is without seeing a picture.

Bulging eyes can be caused by thyroid disease or extreme nearsightedness

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Bulging eyes can be caused by thyroid disease or extreme nearsightedness. Puffy eye bags can be caused by excess fat around the eyes or by allergies that cause the area to swell. Seeing a physician who is an Oculoplastic Surgeon and an Ophthalmologist is the best way to determine the cause of bulging or puffy eyes. These are the specialists who will know the best way to treat them. 

Puffy Eyelid Treatment Options for Bulging Eyes

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Generally speaking, puffy eyelids are most commonly due to natural aging from excess skin and sagging fat. However, other causes of bulging eyes include allergies, hormone imbalance, thyroid condition, kidney problems, or medication side-effects. One may also be born with tired appearing eyelids, from bone, fat, or eyeball anatomic variations.

After a comprehensive evaluation by a plastic surgeon specializing in eyelid surgery can he/she help determine an appropriate option for you. Best of luck.

Puffy eyes

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Without examining you and dtaking a formal  medical history, it would be difficult to say what the cause of your puffy bulging eyes is.  You may have thyroid disease to name one.

Congenital "Puffy Eyes"

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 Although it's easy to say we need a picture but the reality is that if you were truly born with this condition than a picture won't help.  More likely a CT and MRI of your face is needed.  My guess is a bony, orbital abnormality.  My second guess is abnormal periorbital soft tissue development.  Either way you need an experienced craniofacial surgeon for assessment.

Causes of Puffy Eyes

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Without a photograph of your face, it is impossible to comment on your "puffy eyes."  Some causes include congenital, acquired and allergic.  However, we would need more information to give you an informative answer.  Good luck. 

Hard to BEGIN to Advise without a Photograph

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It is impossible to begin to comment cogently and advise you on your "weird puffy eyes above my eyelids... big and really bulge out" condition without a single photograph. If you could post close up views front and side of the eyes it would be most helpful.

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