Brown Spots Worse After Laser Treatment

I have had had some spots removed from my face with a laser. Can't remember what kind, but it felt like being flipped with a very large rubber band each time he "zapped" me.

A couple of years ago I had a couple removed and it worked great, this time when I went in I had 4 or 5 that I wanted removed but when he got started he said there was a bunch of really small ones and he started zapping them as well. Like 17 or so over all.

Well, the first go around didn't take, the spots ended up darker and larger than I went back and had another treatment and this time, same thing. Darker and larger than the first time.

My face looks hideous. What can I do? Is there anything else that can be done here? It is VERY painful getting these things lasered, just to have them worsen each time. I even asked the doctor before if he has ever had a situation where the spots ended up worse than before....he said no, sometimes they are left with white spots but the brown spots are never worse.....what can I do...Please help!!

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