Dark laugh lines - help. What is causing them to appear black? (Photo)

I am only in my 20's and i am currently dealing with dark laugh lines on my face that appear to be getting bigger, what is causing my laugh lines to appear black?

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Hyperpigmentation in laugh lines

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I would start a good skin care regime which includes Retin A, hydroquinone, as well as chemical peels. If the lines are deep, a filler can be added. 

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Dark laugh lines - help

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Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  As the muscles responsible for moving your lips begin to create the laugh line creases, you can see some darkening of the tissues due to shadowing and the development of depth.  Based on your age I would advise starting a good skin care regimen that uses a retinol, sunblock, and lightening cream, while also using chemical peels and dermal fill to help smooth the contour of your cheek to upper lip junction.  Hope this helps.

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