What Kinds of Things Should I Prepare to Have for my Smart Lipo and Labiaplasty Recovery?

I am having Smart Lipo MPX on my lower and upper abdomen on Friday (4/5) and I am wondering what types of things will help with my recovery (i.e. supplements, creams, foods to avoid, exercise (when)). I have my garment and all of the prescriptions my Dr. gave me, but any additional tips would be greatly appreciated!

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Recovery after smart lipo and labiaplasty

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The prescriptions and garment are a great start. I always suggest a few plastic garbage bags on the bed with a dark colored towel covering it. The drainage that was mentioned before, will stain the sheets and mattress, so this usually helps stop that. I like sinecch for post op swelling and bruising, but there isn't anything that will make it all go away. The labiaplasty will be the rate limiting step as far as exercise goes and that is usually a week for light exercise and 2 to 3 for more aggressive, but I usually say wait a month for running or anything that causes significant strain like heavy weight lifting. Also stay out of the hot tub for 6 weeks! It will make everything swell again even your abdomen. These are great procedures but will take a little time to recover from as well as see the final results, so don't stress too much over how you look right after the procedure. Once the swelling goes down and the scars soften, you will be happy you did them.

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Recovery from lipo

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  • the access sites from the liposuction will drain for 36 to48 hours and you will need to change gauze dressing frequently
  • wear garment 24/7 except for time of personal hygiene
  • you will have minimal discomfort
  • shower the next day
  • I allow my patients to recreate the next day
  • the labioplasty will be the limiting factor with regards to activity

David J. Goodkind, MD
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Smartlipo recovery

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each surgeon is different. i allow almost all of my smartlipo patients to shower the next day and resume full exercising after 5 days. however, not everyone feels well enough to do things like jogging as early as 6 days. 

i personally do not recommend lymphatic massage.

it will take you longer to recovery from the labiaplasty than the smartlipo. you probably will not want to exercise for at least 2-3 weeks after a labiaplasty. you definitely want to ice this area and keep your feet up for a few days. this will really help keep the swelling down, in this tender area.


good luck

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SmartLipo Recovery

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Every surgeon will have their own set of recommendations, but I suggest that you get some type of lymphatic massage after surgery, and continue it weekly for 5 or six weeks.  This helps tremendously with swelling and overall recovery in my experience.  Avoid salty foods for several months, and I allow my patients to resume exercise after two weeks.  Best wishes!

Brian Howard, MD (retired)
Alpharetta Plastic Surgeon

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