Help Please...Hidradenitis...What Will Take Away Scars? (photo)

I've had Hidradenitis since I was 12 years Old and its left horrible scarring on my bottom and underarms. I've gotten to the point in my life where it is 50% under control although I still get flare ups and going to get more scars in the future I'd like to try and and have a small moment of looking in the mirror and not crying because of my skin. Is there a laser treatment or cream (that actually works docs) that's not too expensive that I could use that would leave my skin smooth and scarless?

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Dear patient, I suggest a course of Accutane to eliminate the larger cysts. It is not a complete cure but I believe that it can significantly reduce future outbreaks. Also lasering the hair on the buttocks helps control ingrown hairs. Using Phisohex antibacterial soap is also helpful. You have several options with regards to the treatment of the scars: Jessner or mild (10%) TCA peels can be performed by a Dermatologist on a monthly basis. It is much less expensive than laser treatment and maybe even safer for your skin color. It takes 4 or 5 treatments (on a monthly basis) and the scarring and hyper-pigmentation should significantly improve. I hope this helped. Yours. Dr. David R.

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Scars from Hidradenitis

It is very difficult to treat scars, such as those from acne and hidradenitis. I would recommend seeing someone who treats a lot of acne scars. On fair skin, I recommend TCA peels or fractional laser. On darker skin it becomes more difficult and, again, you must seek someone who is very experienced.

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