What Are Treatment Options for Black Spots on Chest?

I have these deep "black heads" in my chest. I dont know if they are black heads or what. They have no opening and I've had them for as long as I can remember. Sometimes they eventually surface. They come out as fibers and some black stuff. I really hate this and I don't get any new ones just the same ones I've always had. You don't really notice them until i stick my chest out and you see them. Can these be removed some how? What are they? What caused them? and will it leave scars after removal?

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Not True Blackheads

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If these lesions do not have an opening to the skin they, by conventional wisdom, are not blackheads. Blackheads is a lay description for what we dermatologists call an open comedone. Thus, if your lesions are closed up they can not be a blackhead.

   What are they? You may have an entity called eruptive vellous hair cysts. The chest is a common site for these curious lesions. In fact, both patients  I have encountered  with this entity, had their lesions on the chest. 

  Eruptive vellous hair cysts are a development abnormality causing small bumps with a dome shaped top. Rubbing  them can occasionally lead to the release of material similar to what you describe ( are the fibers you mention actually immature vellous hairs?).

   Many of these lesions will resolve on their own ( about 25%), but the rest can be treated with careful surgery. 

   It would be wise to consult with a dermatologist. They would have the advantage of seeing the lesions up close and personal. I can only offer you a guess.

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Black heads on the chest

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Without seeing you in person, it is difficult to make sense as to what you have as blackheads do have openings. If there are very tiny cysts underneath the skin, or dilated pores with entrapped content it would be doubtful that a surgical treatment could be done without leaving bad scarring. Laser treatment would probably not provide a better solution. Possibly you could have these recurrent "cystic" lesions expressed by a dermatologist and at least they would look more presentable for you until they need another treatment which could be months to a year or more later. See a dermatologist for a consultation. Dr. Gary Lask and Dr. Ron Moy in Los Angeles are excellent.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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