How to Get Curvier Hips?

I'm a young transwoman, I'm confused as to what to do. My measurements are 43 (shoulders), My other measurements are 34-25-34 but I would like to have like 36" hips or 37".I was curious as to what were my options for feminization to my lower half (hips) for curvature without silicone injections?

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Increasing hip circumference

Women have different pelvic dimensions than men related to childbirth. There is no way currently for us to change your pelvic bone dimensions. The safest way to go about this would be to liposuction fat from elsewhere if you have it and then inject it into the hips as free fat grafts. The main difficulty in doing this though is trying to achieve a smooth contour and right left symmetry which are not easy in such cases. It is technically easier to achieve a good result injecting this fat into the buttocks but that probably would not give you the desired look.

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