How Can Appearance of Skin Grafts Be Improved?

my 48 yr old brother has extensive scaring & skin grafts because of severe burns he received over 30 yrs ago. Are there any newer treatments that can improve the appearance of the unsightly skin grafts? Are there any treatments to improve the appearance & color of the areas where the skin was removed, for use as grafts?

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Skin Graft Scars

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Treatment of skin graft scars can usually be made with a combination of Pulsed Dye Scar Laser and Selective IIT.  This would be the treatments of choice in my practice. 

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Skin graft scars

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are difficult to manage.  Without the benefit of seeing what you are concerned about, there are some options that can be considered.  Excessively scarred areas can be re-excised and regrafted with meticulous care given to preventing scarring post-operatively.  If a contracture is present and limiting function, free tissue transfers can be considered assuming adequate donor sites are available.  Finally, if the skin is just somewhat rough, fractional lasering has been showing some promise in improving the appearance of burn scars.  You should have your brother schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon, preferably one that has extensive burn experience.  Best of luck in achieving your/his goals.

Curtis Wong, MD
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