Why Consider Value and Not Cost in Th U.S? Medical Tourism Provide Both.

there are a lot of post from doctors regarding value vs cost. that might be true, but our health care system taught us this "free market", with the cost being so expensive, of course we're guna want value with it. U.S. used to be the #1 spot for surgery but not anymore, other countries are replacing that theory because it cost too much in the U.S.

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Is Medical Tourism Always a great Deal?

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I am NOT offended by Americans or Brits going abroad for surgical procedures just as I believe each one of us should have the right to buy luxury item anywhere in the world we may want to. 

While buying a Ferrari in Italy or top of the line Mercedes or BMW in Germany would get you the SAME model you would get if you bought the same car models in the US, that may NOT be the case if you had your Tummy Tuck in Mexico, Thailand or an economically depressed Eastern European country.  The levels of certification, the quality controls and regulations of Plastic surgeons in the US varies enormously from those in other countries. While there is NO doubt that excellent Plastic surgeons atre found in most countries the the world, our standards and regulations reduce the risk of untrained, unskilled or uynder equipped facilities in the US.

So, you COULD have a cheaper Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation or Facelift outside the US. If you do, great you gambled and won. But - what if you suffer complications? What if you need long term care? What if your surgeon is not what you thought he would be? What are you going to do then? Very few surgeons would willingly take on the care and accompanying risk of litigation associated with a failed cosmetic operation done elsewhere by a cost-conscious, bargain shopping patient. 

In summary, medical tourism is only a deal when it works out; When you suffer complications, you WILL pay a LOT more to have these complications treated than what you may have saved.

The choice is yours. Are you really a gambler when it comes to your health and appearance?

Peter A Aldea, MD
Memphis, TN

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Medical tourism in plastic surgery

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Medical tourism is frought with potential problems and patients need to weigh the potential cost benefits agaisnt the various risks.  These risks include but are not limited to the training and expertise of the practitioners, the safety of the facility and the anesthesia, the cleanliness of the facility, the multitude of issues surrounding complications and unhappy results, and the need to stay for at least 2 weeks after surgery.  Buyers be ware when it comes to  medical tourism.

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