I don't understand why I still have cysts? Any advice?

Hello i am 23 years old i had severe acne with huge cyst so i was taking claravis 1month 40mg and 2nd month 60mg and the 3rd month 80mg per day until my course was done 5 days ago completed 5month and some of my cyst are gone but i still have like 4 of them and they pretty much noticeable i been seen worse peeople that took the same medications and there face its clear i dont understand why i have to deal with those painful nodular so depressed

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Cystic acne fix

This is sometimes a difficult problem. There are multiple methods used to treat acne including lasers, topical and oral medications. If you aren't happy with current therapy, I would seek out another opinion. Prolonged cystic acne can lead to scarring from fat and tissue loss. Accutane is sometimes needed but shouldn't be the first choice of therapy.

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