Can the Aftermath of A RPLND Surgery Be Fixed

About a year and a half ago I underwent a Surgery Called a RPLND. It is a mass Lymph-node disection In which they Cut me open from Chest to pelvic Area. The doctors said it was ok for me to go back to the gym and I noticed that when I work out where the scar is its like it pops out kind of looks deformed. Is there a way to Fix the muscles or will it just take some more time. ?

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Scar revision

Given the time since your surgery it is unlikely that what you are seeing will improve with more time passing. From your description it sounds like the scar deforms with certain movements of the underlying muscles. This is most likely due to your body forming a scar between the deeper muscle layers and the more superficial skin layers. When you flex the muscle it then deforms the skin. The treatment would then be surgical division or excision of this scar connection. If you email or post photos of the scar with and without animation I may be able to give you a more specific reply.

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