After 130lb Weight loss Mons Pubis Area is Stretched and Lax

Is there a procedure that will correct the area to make it smaller taking away the laxity;like a tuck for the mons area? When I wear jeans it makes an unsightly appearance. I have seen tummy tuck results from friends that have the same issue and their mons pubis after the tummy tuck is raised very high. I dont want this result. I would like to be back to a normalyouthful position and corect the laxity that happened, not just displace it moving it upward. Thank you in advance for any help.

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I think the lower abdominoplasty incision on your friends was placed too high. The lower part of the incision should be marked by the surgeon while upward traction is placed on the skin. The traction simulates the pull after surgery and allows the surgeon to design a skin excision that does not distort the mons pubis. Additionally when the excess skin is removed the surgeon sets the tension on the closure by how much skin he/she cuts out.

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