Does Acne Scar Excision Leave a Scar?

I have a shallow depressed scar on my left cheek. Will excision of this scar leave a noticeable scar? I went to one doctor and they told me that would have to make a large excision around the scar and that it would leave a red line.

However, another doctor told me that they would just have to cut the scar out and I would only receive a small linear scar that would be unnoticeable to the naked eye after a few months. They said they could follow up with laser treatment as well. I told them that I'm worried about laser treatment on my skin because I'm brown skinned. But they told that their laser is "color-blind." Should I go through with the excision?

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Acne scarring correction

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Generally speaking, without knowing your condition, I rarely, if ever, suggest this plan. I truly think there is a significant risk with cutting out and closing acne scars. I almost always see worsening. The risk to benefit ratio in most case is way too high. Just my opinion.

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