Acne Roscea and Acne Bumps on Chin? (photo)

I am married,35 year old female. I have severe acne since the past 10years. Earlier I had undergone treatments such as derma abrassion, retinoids etc with little or no effect. Since the past 5years I havnt undergone any treatment. Appreciate any help to my facial condition. PFA my nose and chin photographs.

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Acne Rosacea treatments

Certainly looks like you have an active case of Rosacea. There is a lot of issues to consider, for example, the triggers for Rosacea are: Alcohol, extremes in temperature, exercise, hot spicy food, etc. So, you should try to minimize these triggers. There are many treatment options, but the main treatment is Metrogel topically and I would treat you with an oral antibiotic, such as Minocin or Doxycycline. There is another oral medication called Oracea that is a lower dose of Doxycycline that is anti-inflammatory but does not reach levels that effect bacteria. You should really become a member of the Rosacea society. The link is below. There is a lot of support there and they have great teaching tools! I hope this helps!

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