Inexpensive Alternatives to Glycolic Peel for Acne?

I have pretty bad acne and used to get Glycolic Peels every 2 months and it totally cleared up my face. Because of money, I couldnt continue, so the acne came back. I would like to know of an inexpensive alternative or doctor's office procedure or product to get it done, being no more than $70? Thanks!

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Treating acne on a budget

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If your acne responded to glycolic peels in the past, you probably have the type of acne that is mostly due to clogged pores and excess oil production. You could start by looking for a cleanser in your local drugstore that contains glycolic acid. The over-the-counter versions contain lower concentrations of glycolic acid than what you get in a doctor's office, so you can use it more frequently. Start using it once a day, 2 or 3 times per week to cleanse your face. Do this for 2 weeks. Then, if are doing well and have no irritation, then you can gradually increase how often you use it. Some people are able to use these cleasners daily, but you will have to see how your skin tolerates the product.

You could also talk to your doctor about a prescription for a retinoid cream. These medications treat acne by unclogging the pores and decreasing oil production and inflammation, which are the major contributing factors to acne.

Glycolic acid and retinoids are good treatments for the type of acne that consists mainly of clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, and smaller skin-colored or red bumps. If your acne is deeper and more cystic, you may need additional medications, such as antibiotics, which only your dermatologist can prescribe for you.

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