Treatment for Whitehead on the Nose?

I have four non-inflammatory acne or white head on my nose. They used to be really large acne, and they left bumps on my nose. Initially, I thought they are hypertrophic scars, but some doctors told me it's actually some sort of white head. One doctor told me to heat it, one told me to get deep peels so the stuff inside will come out. I really have no idea on what to do, or what it really is, so it will be great it you guys know what's going on and what to do with it. Thanks a million!

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Retinoid and then Extraction

 Fro what I can tell from the photographs, and I can not tell a whole lot, you may indeed have large "whiteheads".

   My suggestion would be 6 weeks of a strong Retinoid followed by steaming and then gentle extraction.

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