What Are Some Treatment Options for Chronic Skin Lesions?

My cousin has had this for over five years, slowly developing from what appeared to be a small mosquito bite to what is pictured now. The lesion is tender and painful to the touch. Her doctors have had difficulty with a diagnosis.

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Desparately needs a Biopsy

Thank you for the interesting photograph, as blurred as it might be.

If your cousin saw a dermatologist in the past, you should take her back since this lesion probably has changed considerably. I am assuming that some of the physicians consulted for this problem have tried a steroid cream.

This lesion would have a very wide differential diagnosis everything from a deep fungus, to a large granuloma annulare, to localized morphea, to a T cell lymphoma of the skin ( Worringer-Kolop).

The treatment options would obviously be dependent on making the correct diagnosis. The correct diagnosis would be greatly aided by a biopsy.

I would not delay in getting a dermatology consult.

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