Treatment Option for Persistent Adult Acne - Duac Alternative?

I'm 25 and never suffered acne before. 15 weeks ago, I started to break out with quite painful lumps under my skin just on my chin area. Eventually, I went to the doctor as it wasn't going away and she have given me Duac cream to try. I've been using this cream for just over 6 wks now and they are still not gone, seems to keep come up in the same places, I get rid of one for a couple of days and then, it comes back again! It's so annoying as it is dry as well. I would appreciate any feedback.

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Persistent Adult Acne Treatment Options

Acne lesions are best treated by a board-certified dermatologist. Find one and get on an appropriate medicalregimen to start with. Often, this will require both an oral and topical regimen, and appropriate follow up with them is crucial because, as you point out, you may be some better, but the pimples are still coming back. Tweaks in medical programs and sometimes using some additional things such as the Clarisonic cleansing brush and an IPL-like treatment called the Isolaz may make the lesions go away faster and hopefully stay away longer, if not for good.

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Acne recurrences

Duac is a good place to start.It is a good medication and often works well. However, I usually tell my patients it takes 3 months to really see significant improvement. That being said, it can still recur and new acne lesions can pop up. I would suggest additional topical therapies as well as consideration towards oral medications if the lesions persist after several months of solo topical therapy.

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