Stretch Marks Less Likely After Smart Lipo?

I want to get pregant a year or 2 after Smart Lipo. I didn't get any stretch marks with my first child I would like to know would I get any with my second one since I won't have the same fat cells there anymore? What happens to the skin since now its tight like if I didn't have any fat at all?

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Stretch mark laser

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Stretch mark lasers that I use in my practice can help with redness and surface texture.  I would recommend these lasers if you have residual stretch marks on the skin after liposuction.

Are Stretch marks less likely after Smart Lipo?

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Cher Mademoiselle,

Stretch marks are actually cracks in the skin (dermis) caused by rapid expansion of skin. They are seen mostly in younger women with good skin tone which puts up a resistance to the forces of stretch.

SmartLipo is one of several liposuction methods using lasers. In this case, the fat cells are literally cooked or warmed to the breaking point and the fat the comes out the cells is then suctioned as in all other liposuction method. Although there is no convincing scientific proof to it, it is CLAIMED that the warming of the skin results in shrinkage.

IF that is the case - it would stand to reason that the (SmartLipo or other) laser heated shrunken skin would put up MORE of a resistance to pregnancy stretch and may end up with the same if not more stretch marks.

Either way - there is no evidence one way or another.

Peter A Aldea, MD

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Laser lipolysis is not a magic cure all

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I would agree with Dr. Rand.

Laser lipolysis is not necessarily superior to any method of fat extraction.

Your question is interesting and I am not sure anyone has the answer to that. To the best of my knowledge, it has never been tested or evaluated. It would be fascinating to know if prophylactic removal of fat prior to pregnancy limits side effects of weight gain during the pregnancy.

Stretch marks after lipo

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 There is nothing about Smartlipo that will protect you from stretch marks from future pregnancies.   Sometimes the second pregnancy has a very different affect on your body from the first one.

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