Best Procedure for Gaunt Lower Face and Sunken Cheeks?

I am 30 years old and I have high cheekbones. Unfortunately I had three teeth removed for orthodontic purposes. As a result, my face has become gaunt with loss of volume in lips and lower face, and sunken cheeks. I was hoping fat grafting could help restore my face, but upon consultation, have been told I am too young and that the fat may not look good after pregnancy. What are the alternatives? How much filler is required to regain a lot of fullness in the cheeks like the "pillow face"? Are sub malar implants a better option?

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Possibly conisider sculptra as an option

Submalar implants would not provide you with the desired fullness in the lower cheeks. There are few permanent options that are available other than lipoinjection (fat). However, Sculptra has been used for this purpose in paitents with lipoatrophy of the face following retroviral therapy. This can be quite costly but is touted to last up to 2-5 years. It requires multiple treatment sessions.

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