Does Anyone Know a Doctor Who Can Remove Silicone on Cheeks?

I'm looking to get silicone removed from my cheeks. Does anyone know of any doctors that could perform a procedure of such nature?

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A complicated process

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The reason that certain forms of injectable silicone cause problems is related to the fact that the body is unable to properly break it down (related to impurities and particle size). This leads to a "walling off" of the silicone or, in medical terms, granuloma formation. The only way to remove these granulomas is to excise them surgically. The nature of the procedure depends on how widespread, and in what tissue plane the injections were placed.

I would definitely see a Facial Plastic Surgeon experienced in cosmetic and reconstructive facial procedures.

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Removing silicone from cheeks.

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This is extremely difficult due to the wide distribution of the silicone and lack of cohesiveness. This would be similar to removing gum from hair. It is almost imossible without cutting out the effected areas.

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