Treatment for Hypopigmentation?

Has anyone found a treatment for hypopigmentation? I don't have dark spots, I have white spots (face, neck, chest, back). I tried IPL and it helped a small amount, but I feel my eyesight suffered damage from the intense light, as it physically hurt my eyes during the procedure and my vision has changed since treatments. I'm ashamed to be seen without makeup and even with, the spots can be seen. Any advice?

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See Dermatologist First

It would be wise to see a dermatologist so that you have a diagnosis. White spots in the location you mention could be anything from Tinea Versicolor, to vitlitigo to Pityriasis alba. You should not embarck on an expensive, unsuccessful treatment when and potentially unsuccessful treatment when others might be available. Otherwise, if your dermatololgist feels that you have say vitiligo you should look into the Eximer laser.

Do make sure your eyes are protected. It is disturbing to read you had eye probles wilth IPL, you should have been using appropriate eye shields. If you are not using proper eye protection with the laser, even one as safe as the Eximer, the consequences could be quite disasterous.

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