Fillers or Other Procedures for Dark Circles on Thin Skin?

I have dark circles as well as some very fine lines located right under my lower lash line. I try to cover my dark circles, but the concealer settles into the lines and I hate it. Would I benefit from fillers or is there some procedure that can actually thicken the undereye skin? I've thought of trying fillers, but I have thin skin and I'm worried that the Restylane (or whichever one) would somehow show through. The first time I had Restylane in my lips, there were parts where I could kind of see the little gel pocket. Can this happen in the eye area? I really appreciate any advice.

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Restylane for Dark Circles Under Eyes (Hollows)

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Hi Miss Ashley,

Restylane under your eyelid should correct your concerns. Restylane should be placed under the lower eye lid muscle in a very conservative manner. It should not show through.

The lower eyelid area is a very delicate and unforgiving area so make sure that you choose your injecting physician most carefully.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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