I'm 18yrs Old. I Have Stretch Marks All over my Body, What Can I Do to Be Rid of Them?

I am about 189 pounds and 5ft 10. I have had the stretch marks since I was 14. They stretch from my pelvic area to my breasts, my hips, my breasts themselves, my back, my arms, my thighs and my stomach. They are all old now so have turned silver, but I am very self conscious of them. I would like to know how I could be rid of them and how much it could potentially cost. The pictures aren't great. The damage is worse than it appears.

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I'm 18yrs Old. I Have Stretch Marks All over my Body, What Can I Do to Be Rid of Them?

I get this question all the time and I promise that you're not only one with stretch marks, we have tried mulitple treatments on patients from lasers, microdermabrasion, chemical peels. The best that I seen is using vi peel, patients are really satisfied and happy with this treatment, it'll make the skin firm and eliminate the stretch marks, the photo shown I can see you will need a couple treatments but you'll see a great result.. Best of luck

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Stretch marks

Thank you for your question.  Since you have many areas it will be best to try one area first and see how your body fairs with that treatment and proceed if you are satisfied, to other areas.  Some appreciable results can be seen with RF (radio frequency) such as fractional ablation and other skin tightening devices.  Fractional devices work by causing partial damage to the tissue and causing the body's natural healing response to begin ad repair the tissue.  This allows for a "resurfacing" of the area and will reduce the appearance of the bands.  RF skin tightening can cause the tissue to be tightened around the bands and make them appear less wide and less long.  In either case, the bands are not eliminated but certainly more acceptable.

It is challenging to tell from the photos if you are a good candidate for either suggestion as the lighting does not allow for good visibility.  I suggest having a complete consultation with a cosmetic physician who is trained in lasers and treating stretch marks.  

Good luck with the treatments

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